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Trained Up

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On-Line Courses

PMVA De - Escalation Training

PMVA training

We deliver PMVA courses accredited by the GSA and accepted throughout many NHS trusts. All our tutors are GSA grade A tutors.

If you would like to book a course please see the course diary and bookings tab

Theoretical Modules Include:

  • Health & Safety at work act.
  • Public health model
  • The law and the use of force
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Risks in restraint
  • Recent influences on Physical intervention ( guide lines )
  • Human Rights Act
  • Conflict management ( de-escalation & communication)

Breakaway and restraint techniques taught include:

  • Various wrist grabs
  • Various clothing grabs
  • Slaps, punches, kicks
  • Hair pulls-various
  • Chair de-escalation
  • Strangle holds
  • Planned approach (restraining violent patient as part of a response team)
  • Role of the head person
  • Prone restraint
  • Supine Restraint
  • Turning the patient
  • Seclusion exits