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Trained Up

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0208 003 3211

HealthCare Courses On- Line

CSTF Mandatory Training All In One - On-Line

Book Now For £ 50.00

Manual Handling

Basic Life Support

Infection Control

Safeguarding Adults

Safeguarding Children

Health & Safety (Inc, RIDDOR& COSHH

Food Safety

Fire Safety

Food Safety

Lone Working

Information Governance

Equality & Diversity

Preventing Radicalisation

Counter Fraud & Bribery

CSTF People Moving & Handling

Book Now For £ 25.00

CSTF Basic Life Support & AED

Book Now For £ 25.00

CSTF People Moving & Handling & Basic Life Support

Book Now For £ 40.00

Infection Prevention & Control

Book Now For £ 15.00

Book Now For £ 15.00

Book Now For £ 15.00

Book Now For £ 15.00